The Instagram Video & Vine Battle Royale


It’s been almost two weeks since Facebook released video for Instagram. Their version of Twitter’s popular video sharing app, Vine, stepped it up by including 13 new filters, video stabilization, and the ability to choose a cover clip.  To add to the blow, an additional nine seconds were added to rival Vine’s six second recording capability. Now that we’ve had a little bit of time to play around with the new feature- do users think it measures up to Vine?

We watched some pretty major celebrities flock to Instagram video. Justin Bieber, Madonna, Lebron James, and John Mayer (to name a few) are using the new feature as a platform to let their fans have a 15-second sneak-peak into their private lives. These videos instantly acquired hundreds of thousands of likes upon being posted. Celebs weren’t the only ones in on the action.

Huge brands including Ford, MTV, and Starbucks posted video to Instagram on the first day it was announced. Rachel Tipograph, director of global digital and social media for Gap, told Mashable, “The fact that Instagram videos are going to publish to Facebook in the same way a photo does means we are going to see huge engagement.” Instagram already had a bigger following than Vine and with the video feature, and brands are recognizing the built-audience.

I am a huge fan of Instagram and I just started getting into Vine. Since I already use Instagram daily, I do see this new feature as potentially driving me to use Vine less often.

Are you or your brand on Instagram video? Did you make the switch from Vine? Let us know what you think!

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