Social Media & Disasters: Asiana Plane Crash

sfo plane crash
I was heading home Saturday morning, stuck on bumper-to-bumper traffic trying to cross the Golden Gate Bridge when I heard the news on the radio. Just miles away from where I was, an airplane had crashed at SFO. As you’ve heard by now, Asiana Airlines flight 214 crash landed on Saturday. I was so anxious to grab my phone and read about it, but I waited until I got home to watch the crash unfold on social media.

Social media provides us with something extraordinary in that it provies real-time photos and updates from multiple witness’s point-of-view. After the crash, photos from survivors and onlookers from inside the airport went viral, as the world watched and tried to understand what had happened. In the time it took a news crew or reporters or even ambulances to arrive on-scene, hundreds of photos and tweets sharing critical information had already been posted online.

Social media also provided a way for survivors to communicate with friends and family that they were alive and what hospital they were at. Let’s face it- Social Media is first at the scene of a tragedy, making it an essential part of Journalism.

Did you follow the plane crash through social media?

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