Facebook Graph Search

Search “Friends of my friends who like Starbucks and Horses and live in San Francisco, California”


As of yesterday, the above search will yield Facebook results thanks to Graphic Search.   If you thought it was already easy to Facebook stalk your friends, crushes and exes- this just made it even easier.  Basically every move you’ve ever made on Facebook, whether you liked a band, photo, lyric, or movie, can be tracked with the new Graphic Search.  My search above led me to one result, a girl that I’ve never met, who Facebook expects me to connect with.

When I typed in “Search photos of my friends at the Grand Canyon” all of the pictures from my recent roadtrip with my sister were layed out before my eyes.  Whether you or someone you know shared it, you can look it up. It’s now easier than ever to find exactly what you’re looking for without digging.  Ofcourse, Graph Search is only as powerful as your Facebook friends willingness to share information about themselves, in the form of the like button.

According to Facebook, Graph Search is meant to “make your community feel smaller”.  Right now you can search people, photos, places and businesses but ultimately Mark Zuckerburg wants it become “a resource around the world”.

My advice?  Now is the time to double-check your privacy settings.  Limit old post settings and photos to avoid embarassing moments of the past resurfacing.  And you also may want to be a little less click-happy when it comes to the “like” button.  What do you think about Graph Search?

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One thought on “Facebook Graph Search

  1. […] this a reality check for you as it was for me?  This could happen to anyone.  Like I said in one of my previous posts on privacy, remember to be viligant with personal information. Doing so well help you to continue to have a […]

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