Online Identity Theft

Sometimes it’s easy to forget the negative consequences that can come from a social media presence.  Even I am guilty of being quick to share what I’m eating, who I’m with, and where I am, with basically anyone who wants to know!  The truth is, as much fun as it is to share, always remember there is such a thing as too much. It’s important to always be weary of the type of information you’re putting out there.

A chilling video was just released in an online campaign today about Internet crooks from the advertising company Duval Guillame.  The video chose a real victim, found his information online, and used it to easily take over his life.

Was this a reality check for you as it was for me?  This could happen to anyone.  Like I said in one of my previous posts on privacy, remember to be viligant with personal information. Doing so well help you to continue to have a safe and happy online environment!

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