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Social Marketing Basics

Where do I start?

The first step is to set up company profiles on each major social network in order to secure your brand identity across the web.  Don’t get overwhelmed with every single site out there though; just start with the major top 10.

Next, make sure your branding look online is consistent with your overall marketing goals.  Remember, social media isn’t a quick solution to anything.  Set reasonable goals, be patient, and most important; be consistent.

Also, use human resources.  Just because social marketing doesn’t cost a bunch of money, doesn’t mean it doesn’t take work.  Assign the social voice to people who care about making your brand shine.   Keep track of who is posting what, where, and when in order to stay consistent.

Finally, link everything together.


What do I do know?

Now you’re ready to create content, and be sure it’s good.  Tell your story in an interesting and compelling way that will draw customers in.  You want people who are searching for you and those who don’t even know about you to be equally attracted to your content.  Good content can be created different form, from a blog post, to a video or interesting picture.

Alright, now that you’ve posted great content, expect comments.  Engagement is so important here because this is real, online interaction with your customers.  If they are taking the time to say something, take your time to answer- even if it’s a simple “thank you”.

Finally, build your online presence with new connections.   Every new connection is a potential customer.  After all, social media is about being social- the more people you meet, the better!

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LinkedIn: Top 5 Must-Haves

Do you ever Google people you know when you’re bored, just to see what pops up? During breakfast this morning I decided to do a little search on my mother, who is currently trying to build a business selling body wraps and vitamins (on top of running a horse camp- go mom!). The Google results yielded her personal website and below, her LinkedIn (or lack thereof) account. No picture, no headline, no contact info, nothing except her name! It is my duty as her daughter (oh, and maybe as a social media manager) to help her out. I immediately called her, got her passwords, and went to work improving her profile.  If you’re starting to build your profile on LinkedIn, here are my top 5 suggestions on what to fill out immediately on the world’s largest professional network:


Your Picture

Your picture is your first impression. A professional headshot is the best way to go. When I initally made my own account, I used a cropped picture of me that was zoomed in too close. Just take a quick headshot of yourself on a blank background and it will do wonders for attracting customers.

Claim your URL

LinkedIn gives you the option to choose a simple, clean URL instead of the generated ones involving all those confusing numbers. If your first and last name is available, claim it right now! If not, try including your middle initial. This will also make your profile easier to find if someone Googles your name (like I did).


Get creative here and use descriptive and compelling keywords. My mom is among hundreds and thousands of other people trying to sell the same products, as you probably are too. Keywords can make the difference in being found and noticed.

Current position & location

It seems obvious, but make sure current your position and where you work is listed. Minor details like this make a huge difference. How can a potential customer or employer use your services if they don’t know where you offer them?

Summary (In 3rd person)

This is the area where you can really stand out from the rest, so make it descriptive.  In college I was taught to write this part in third-person, so it doesn’t come off as if you’re speaking highly of yourself. As with the headline, BE ORIGINAL!


Above is my LinkedIn profile, does your meet all the requirements I listed?


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Social Media Day 2013

Did you know there’s an entire day devoted to social media lovers like us?  Social Media Day, hosted by Mashable, celebrated the connected generation around the world on June 30th for the 4th year in a row. Over 118,000 tweets regarding the celebration from six different continents were posted via the hashtag #SMDAY.

Across the globe different meetups were organized to recognize the digital revolution happening right before our eyes. Personally, my first memory of social media beginning to impact my life was sophmore year of high school. Mind you, this was back in 2005- Myspace’s prime time. It was the most visited social network in the world, and all my friends were starting to build profiles. I remember you could choose your top eight friends to be on your profile (in order!). Giving a group of 16-year-old girls the chance to rank their friends based on the drama of the day? Of course we were hooked!  Don’t even get me started on my first public relationship change.

So much has changed since my Myspace days. Now I run a number of social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest) for myself and others. It’s funny to remember how it all started and one of many reasons to celebrate Social Media Day 2013!

If your city doesn’t recognize the day, fear not. You can submit a proclamation request to your City Hall. Remember why the day is important to your city; Social Media is a way to connect your community. If anything, celebrate by just giving yourself a  minute to reminicise on your first media memories.

Share your Social Media Day 2013 memories or celebrations with me!

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