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Are you Part of the #TwitterRevolution?

Twitter is all over the news today! Are you an avid Twitter user? Do you remember when you first realized the impact Twitter has on spreading a message?

For founder Jack Dorsy, the #TwitterRevolution began in 2009 after the Hudson plane crash, when a witness tweeted a photograph of the accident that was rapidly shared with the whole world. According to Dorsy, this moment changed everything because it caused Twitter to become seen as a news source. A CNBC Documentary on Twitter airs tonight that examines how the social media platform has given power to the people, and changed how we communicate. Below is a sneak-peak:

In my personal life I use Twitter as a news source to follow up-to-date world coverage, as well as guilty pleasures like celebrity gossip. Although I don’t tweet very often from that account, I do from the handle I manage for work every single day. I realize the potential it provides small businesses and the voice Twitter has given people all over the world. I’m excited to watch the documentary tonight and get more insight on how the microblogging site evolved.

In other Twitter news, Facebook has basically copied their popular trending topics feature and began testing it today. This comes shortly after Facebook also adopted hashtags from the social media platform.

What do you think about all this Twitter news? Will you be tuning in tonight to watch the documentary? What’s your opinion on trending topics on Facebook?

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My Social Media Vacation Challenge


Do you let social media affect your day?  Before Facebook and Twitter, if someone was talking about you (or ignoring you) you might not hear about it for a while – or ever.  Unless you overheard a conversation at school, a friend told you, or you spoke to that person directly, how could it affect you?

Now, with social media, everything is happening right in front of you.  If someone posts a nice (or rude) comment about you, you’ll see it.  If the tweet you thought was so brilliant is never retweeted, you’ll know. So in essence, social media can make or break your day – if you let it.

My advice: do not take social media too seriously. Online interaction forces you to find out about things interpersonal communication might not subject you to. If you spend too much time with something, it’s bound to have an impact.  Don’t let social media effect how you feel, because you’ll end up on an emotional roller coaster that seems impossible to get off.

My challenge to you: take a little vacation away from social media this summer.  I love social media just as much as the next person, but everyone needs time away from the things they love, right?  Trust me- you’ll come back to your Facebook feed feeling refreshed.  At the beginning of summer I drove across the country from Florida to California.  On 1-10 West through Texas there is zero phone service and believe it or not- I survived the 10 hour day without Instagram!

Do you accept my social media vacation challenge?

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Swoonin for Relationships

swoonIt’s not official until it’s Facebook official. I’m talking relationships- and over the weekend my sister became “FBO” with her new boyfriend, meaning they listed that they are in a relationship together. The story of how they met is pretty interesting. A couple of months ago I was approached by Swoon, a new app that had just been launched on Android to do some promotional work. Swoon is an anonymous hot-or-not phone app for discovering people in your area. Their tagline is “find out who’s crushing on you”.

Basically, if you like the photo of the person you, you click the check mark. If not, you tap the X. If both sides liked what they saw, a connection is made, allowing you to chat on the app.

Since I have an iPhone, I had my sister download the app on her Android (it’s since been released on iPhones). She started swooning, and made a connection with her now-boyfriend. After chatting on the app, they exchanged Facebook information and became friends on the social networking site. Eventually they exchanged phone numbers, met, and the rest is history. Now I’ve met him, our friends have, and even my parents. It turns out we both graduated from the same University too (Go Gators!).

It’s amazing to see how social media has changed the way we meet people and form relationships. ¬†There is no doubt social media makes it possible to discover people we may have never have had the chance to find. ¬†Whether it be a professional or personal relationship, I think when used correctly, there are so many opportunities to make a connection!

Have you ever used social media to meet someone new?

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