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Swoonin for Relationships

swoonIt’s not official until it’s Facebook official. I’m talking relationships- and over the weekend my sister became “FBO” with her new boyfriend, meaning they listed that they are in a relationship together. The story of how they met is pretty interesting. A couple of months ago I was approached by Swoon, a new app that had just been launched on Android to do some promotional work. Swoon is an anonymous hot-or-not phone app for discovering people in your area. Their tagline is “find out who’s crushing on you”.

Basically, if you like the photo of the person you, you click the check mark. If not, you tap the X. If both sides liked what they saw, a connection is made, allowing you to chat on the app.

Since I have an iPhone, I had my sister download the app on her Android (it’s since been released on iPhones). She started swooning, and made a connection with her now-boyfriend. After chatting on the app, they exchanged Facebook information and became friends on the social networking site. Eventually they exchanged phone numbers, met, and the rest is history. Now I’ve met him, our friends have, and even my parents. It turns out we both graduated from the same University too (Go Gators!).

It’s amazing to see how social media has changed the way we meet people and form relationships. ¬†There is no doubt social media makes it possible to discover people we may have never have had the chance to find. ¬†Whether it be a professional or personal relationship, I think when used correctly, there are so many opportunities to make a connection!

Have you ever used social media to meet someone new?

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